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Visual Communication

Bring your Vision to life with visual communication that inspires, moves and engages your audience. We capture the essence of your project while encapsulate history in happening now. It is our responsibility to create, share and capture experiences frozen in a million pixels of memories.

Communication Specialist

We make sure that the right people have access to your message. Our multimedia staff is tasked with creating engaging content for various platforms, like TV, Radio and podcasts to assist in growing your audience We are hands on, in real world engagement connecting with communities through grassroots groups, media and activities.

Destination Events

As Communication Specialists our objective is to connect with potential supporters by selling the euphoria and the allure of unique destination experiences. Our role often includes talent / event liasion, concierge services, stage management, logistic support, social media marketing and visual communication. Our goal is to ensure the client's vision is produced and the audience has the best possible experience.



Visual Communications

Video | Film Production

Professional studio quality captures for any project.

Live Streaming

Studio quality performance. Create a hybrid experience for online on venue display, in real time.


Create an event portal to handle ticketing, sale, event listing and inquiries.

Event Photography

Capture candid shoots of attendees, performance and staff that can be used to market, promote or document project.

Photo Booth

Create an interactive experience for your attendees. Photo booths are an awesome way to continuing marketing beyond the event date.


Establish the tone of your event with visuals that intrigue potential attendees and investors. Create constant messaging throughout your marketing campaign.

Drone Services

Great for large crowds and outdoor events. Capture and aerial view of your space.

Post Production

Wrap it all up in a bow. Turn your captures into a sizzle reel for promotional use.



Press Releases
Podcast Marketing
Radio + TV Blitz
Digital Marketing
Grassroots Marketing


Destination Events

Talent + Event Liaison
Stage Management
Talent Booking


WebSite Offers

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Destination Events

Communication Serives, Ticketing Support, Talent+ Event Liaison, Stage Management + More...

Grpahic Design

Basic marketing support. Single side flyer design

New & Social Media Campaign

Want To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Brand? Let Us Help You Get Visible, Found & Paid!
A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.

Book your talent!

Book your talent. Start with a DJ to keep the energy up or set the tone. 
 We also have access to some of the biggest names in entertainment.