Building a Brand without a Website

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About Course

Start doing the work now! Establish your brand awareness today! One of the biggest mistakes clients make is establishing their presence on third-party applications. While a social presence is needed,  it should never replace your website. The truth of the matter is you have no control over third-party sites. At any point in time, social networks are able to change the rules. They could even close up shop. Then where would you be? STOP SPENDING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON TRAFFIC TO OUTLETS YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER.   Bonus Ebook          

What Will You Learn?

  • Attendees:
  • Will understand how to select and purchase a domain name that gets results.
  • Will have a clear understanding on how to listen and respond to clients, fans or supporters across platforms.
  • Will have a clear understanding of how to create content the resonates with users
  • Will understand the value of directing traffic to a brand url vs social media pages.

Course Curriculum

Start with a domain!
Provides visibility for your brand. Much like a storefront window, a good domain will create awareness and attract customers

  • The importance of a domain name
  • Getting Started

Tracking your brand
Learn to listen. People are talking about your brand. Learn listen, track and leverage conversations.

  • Just to get a rep
  • Brand reputation

5 Ws
Content strategy. Always start with the why!

  • 5ws
  • What in it for me?

Domain Forwarding
Discover how forwarding your domain can bring you one step closer to building a digital brand.

  • Forwarding
  • What are the benefits of forwarding a domain
$5 $39.99


  • This session is for Creatives, Artists, New Businesses & Startup. Do you have a new project, idea, product or campaign you want to roll out? This session will help you build a brand without a website while building the ranking of your domain / Brand